Genes and Observations in Longevity Database

The Genes and Observations in Longevity Database (GOLD) contains over 5000 peer-reviewed ageing- and longevity-related gene entries with observations. This includes nearly 300 fully curated H. sapiens genes with known or potential associations with longevity. Also included are over 4000 C. elegans, 1000 S. cerevisiae, 270 D. melanogaster, and 100 M. musculus model organism entries. The search form will return gene entries, common names, accession (human only), observations, and lifespan effects observed in various experiments. These entries were curated from Human Ageing Genomic Resources (HAGR), the Sageweb Lifespan Observation database, and other information resources reformatted into a mini Chado-ish database schema. Data continues to be curated in support of research elucidating mechanisms of ageing with the goal of engineering novel therapies benefiting longer lifespans.

Search among organisms, lifespan effects, biological processes, and user entered common name terms (% = wildcard). At this time only the human genes are fully curated and searchable by biological processes annotation; please select 'other' for biological processes when searching model organisms. Additionally, the 'potential' lifespan effects option is mostly associated with humans genes, only.

Or search by simple gene names among all organisms and processes: (For example type in "sir")

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