Stem Cells

Stem cell culture, assays, and bioprocessing resources for development of cell-based therapies in Regenerative Medicine. Under Development.

Stem Cell Culture Description
WiCell Stem Cell Bank
ATCC Stem Cell Solutions Complete Solutions for iPS & ESCs
ATCC hMSC Human Mesenchymal SC Source
Stem Cell Technologies Manual Maintenance of hPSCs in mTeSR1 & TeSR2
mTeSR1 & TeSR2 Product Info
BD Matrigel BD Matrigel hESC-qualified Matrix
hESC Culture Protocol
Stem Adhere Defined Matrix for hPSC Manual
StemAdhere Product Info
mFreSR Defined, serum-free cryopreservation medium Product Info
EasySep hES/iPSC TRA-1-60 Selection Kit
hES/iPSC SSEA-4 Selection Kit
Characterization Millipore hMSC Kit Manual
Millipore hPSC 96-well Kit Protocol
Millipore Fluorescent hESC Kit Guide
Stemgent Flow Cytometry Protocol
Agilent CGH+SNP Array
RoboSep Automated Cell Seperator Manual
Aggrewell Reproducible and Uniform Embryoid Bodies Manual
Aggrewell Product Info
Differentiation Kits Endodermal Lineage Kit
Ectodermal Lineage Kit
Mesodermal Lineage Kit
Adipogenesis Kit
Chondrogenesis Kit
Osteogenesis Kit
ATCC hiPSC Manual Isolation, Maintenance, Expansion, Characterization
iPSC Reprogramming Kits Stemgent mRNA Kit Guide
LifeTechnologies Episomal (Epi5) Kit Manual
LifeTechnologies RNA Sendai Virus Kit Manual
iPSC Validation & Characterization Kits Qiagen qBiomarker PCR Array Guide
LifeTechnologies TaqMan hPSC Scorecard Panel Guide
WiCell G-Banded Karyotping Service
Agilent CGH+SNP Array
Illumina Human Methylation 450 BeadChip Info
Qiagen Human Telomeres & Telomerase RT2 Profiler PCR Array Layout
Automated SC Culture and Bioreactors Tap Biosystems CompacT SelecT System & Bioprocessing Article
Synthecon Rotary Cell Culture Manual
CellAsic Microfluidic Array for 3D Culture

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